Upcoming group exhibition

Fruition: Water Holds All Memory
September 6 - October 18, 2019
Opening Night Reception - Friday, Sept 6th - 6-9p

Refutaions (for those waiting for light)  , 33”x46”, graphite and metals on paper. 2019

Refutaions (for those waiting for light) , 33”x46”, graphite and metals on paper. 2019


New art works and deep contemplation on cultural considerations centering a collective intraspection on social values, on built spaces, and on harvesting from an eco-system wrought with trauma, "Fruition: Water Holds All Memory" represents an opportunity to re-member our covenants with self, all Beings, and the Earth.

"Fruition: Water Holds All Memory" features four Black womxn artists working across and cross-platform in visual, new media and performance art to amplify new archival models and creation using elements from the natural world. The exhibit includes painting and assemblage by Asya Abdrahman; film. sculpture and installation from Simone Bailey; paint, fiber art and performance by Ayanna Bassiouni, and works on paper from Sydney Cain also known as Sage Stargate. In addition to the exhibit, the programming will include panel discussions, design cyphers, and special performances from the artists and in collaboration with visiting scholars, curators and makers.

The Gallery will also be open September 7, 2019 1-5pm during First Saturdays. I’ll be holding a drawing circle!


This year I finally took the jump with making final decisions to push this book out.

twentysevensborn is a culmination of work created largely from between 2017-18 and from the exhibit Clouds of Witnesses at Omi Gallery in Oakland.

Edition of 27.

Carbon Cyphers Production



chalk is a medium for those unafraid of ephemerality. ashes to ashes.

Photos from last month with Tiny Room for Elephants at Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia

(acrylic and chalk on 10’ x 6’ wood panel)

Photo Credit: BeauMonde Originals 2019

Photo Credit: BeauMonde Originals 2019



a couple of process shots working with lithography and pigments on dyed BFK.

this piece is apart of the scapes series measuring about 42” x 64”